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Benefits of Close-Fitting Workout Pants

Leonela Harzewski

Posted on October 17 2017

Benefits of Close-Fitting Workout Pants

6 Benefits of Close-Fitting Workout Pants

When it comes to fitness wear, the days of unsightly and baggy sweats are gone. Many male and female athletes now opt for much closer fitting bottoms, including compression garments, leggings and tights.

While the correct workout pants for you depends on your activity or activities of choice, personal clothing preferences and physical fitness goals, most athletes should start their hunt for the perfect workout pants by looking for pants that fit them snugly. In this blog, we discuss six of the benefits of close-fitting workout bottoms.

1. Better Fit Even When Your Body Changes

Unless you're a longtime athlete who has already reached your ideal weight and body mass index, you’re likely exercising, at least in part, to control the way your body changes over time. While these changes can be empowering, many physical changes result in the need to buy new workout clothes.

When you stick to snug bottoms with some stretch, you guarantee that your pants fit even as you work to lose weight, tone up or build up your muscles. If you're concerned about fit over time, capris and shorts are ideal since you don't have to worry about your calf circumference being too large for your bottoms.

This continued fit can save you money and decrease the reasons you may have to put off your fitness goals. If your pants fit regardless of your weight, you won’t be tempted to skip a workout just because you don't have something to wear to the gym.

2. Broader Range of Motion

As mentioned in the previous section, many tight-to-the body fitness pants are also stretchy. This combination of snug and stretchy is ideal for both mild and vigorous physical activity because these fabrics allow for a full and natural range of motion.

While more fabric may seem like it gives you more freedom, these inflexible materials can actually keep you from stretching or striding correctly. This range of motion is particularly important in martial arts, yoga, dance and similar disciplines.

3. Decreased Recovery Time

Some tight fitness pants are also compression garments. These garments are intended to exert a specific amount of force evenly around your muscles. Some studies report that using compression garments can speed up the recovery process and decrease muscle soreness.

Researchers speculate that this benefit comes from the increased circulation and improved oxygen flow provided by appropriate compression. These same studies also show a connection between compression wear and good joint mobility during physical activity.

4. Sustained Power Over Time

In addition to compression garments aiding in workout recovery as we discussed in section three, some studies show that compression wear may also improve your stamina over the course of a workout.

These studies report that while wearing compression pants does not automatically increase your movement power, choosing these garments does help you maintain a consistent level of power over time. This stamina enhancement can help you control your heart rate, reach your goals and keep your form great over longer workouts.

5. Enhanced Workout Safety

Whether you're a powerlifter or a gymnast, your workout consists almost entirely of movement. As you move, you need activewear that supports the correct form for each movement and improves the safety of your overall routine.

Tighter pants reduce the risk of snagging on equipment, tripping or getting caught on another athlete. These bottoms reduce the effects of chafing and skin irritation. Additionally, snug workout pants are ideal if your activities take you outside because they provide better protection from sunburn, windburn and temperature fluctuations.

6. More Flattering Fit for All Body Types

The stretchiness of leggings, tights and compression garments allows the pants to change with you, both in the context of your workout and as you work toward your fitness goals. However, for many athletes, efficacy isn't the only concern when looking for new fitness wear. You also want to look great in your workout clothes.

As we discussed in our previous blog, "For Workout Clothes That Motivate You, Follow These Dos and Don'ts," we discussed how clothes you feel confident in can encourage consistency and better performance. Snug workout gear can hug your physique and show your muscle definition, giving you a flattering fit whatever your size or shape.

As you shop for your new workout pants, remember that close fitting and too tight are not the same thing. Even if you want to try compression garments, these clothing articles should fit correctly to avoid cutting off your circulation or contributing to injury.

Always try on workout clothes when you buy in person and check the size chart when you shop online.

Consider close-fitting activewear and start reaping the benefits listed above, whether you're getting in some cardio in a dance class or training for an upcoming event.

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