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Brazilian Workout Purple Legging

Brazilian High Waist Purple Legging

$ 59.99

The new high waist Emana purple legging by CAJUBRASIL with rubberized details on both legs
Technology: UV PROTECTION 50+
Composition: 84% Polyamide - 16% Elastane
Emana Legging is highly technological and comfortable. It has bio-actives that help in blood circulation and gives the thermal balance during physical activities. Comfortable with extremely soft touch, the legging features a beautiful rubberized print on both sides.

More about Emana Fabric:
It is an article that was developed to meet the fitness market and is produced with Emana wire technology. The wire is built with bio active crystals that absorb the heat of the human body to return it in the form of long infrared rays that penetrate the skin and promote bio-stimulation. As the blood micro-circulation improves, the distribution of heat on the surface of the skin becomes more homogeneous, accelerating heat dissipation and the body's thermal balance in physical activities. An increase in muscle yield and endurance is obtained, as the increased micro-circulation also contributes to a lower accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle, thus reducing muscle fatigue.