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NZ Premium Workout Legging

NZ Premium Workout Legging

$ 59.99


Gorgeous high waist NZ Premium Brazilian black legging with front laser cuts and mesh blending fabrics

Fabric: New Zealand. The main attribute of New Zealand, in addition to the perfect compression of the muscles, is the icy touch provided by Amni Microfiber.
This fabric provides higher drying speed and greater thermal comfort/ rapid transfer of heat and moisture from the body to the environment through the fabric.

Technology: UV Protection 50+, high compression, ice touch, high drying speed and greater thermal comfort

Composition: 88% Polyamide - 12% Elastane

2- The striped fabric creates an interesting optical effect to compose an overlapping look. Texture was developed in microfiber.

Technology: Breath ability

Composition: 73% Polyester - 27% Elastane

3- The mesh fabric is a micro texture of knitwear with great trim and sophisticated transparency. Its bias structure in Polyamide and Elastane makes it easy to handle, requiring light wash.
It is free of toxic products for human skin according to Oeko-Tex100 Class I international certification.

Technology: UV Protection 50+

Composition: 88% Polyamide - 10% Elastane