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In today’s market, consumers are sophisticated and demand excellence. That’s why our products are about more than just ‘Style’. Comfort, ease of care, durability, quality and overall feel are the main focus of Bad Girl Fitness. This in addition to current day Style and Trendiness. Simply put, our goal is to provide to our Customers with the best activewear on the market.

Our leggings are versatile, stylish, durable and comfortable. They do not require use of softeners and you will find that most of them have UV 50+ solar protection. They have great resistance to pilling, dry fast, do not require ironing, their colors hold through years of use and we do our best to hand pick Brazilian leggings that do not became transparent while doing your stretching, daily activities or workout.

Tops The right one makes all the difference in your look. Our sports tops can be worn during training or your day-to-day routines. Besides the incredible comfort, our tops offer sun protection, soft and versatile fabrics and rubberized print. They are easy to care and have great thermal comfort benefits



Lycra is a registered brand name for a polyurethane-based synthetic fiber that's also called spandex or elastane. Its main property is to stretch and recover to its original size. It is tough, incredibly soft, flexible and durable. Lycra is a yarn with a material structure that maintains color vibration and improved fit to the body (Show your Curves). Also, known for being a technologically advanced and resilient ‘Lightweight Feel’ material, offering great performance in sports practice and providing convenience day in and day out. Whether for casual use, on the beach, or in the practice of physical activity, Lycra has revolutionized the market without compromising comfort and flexibility.

Supplex Fabric In recent years, another type of fiber called Supplex has been developed. In addition to stretching in all directions, Supplex has a soft touch, like cotton. It gives full adhesion to body shape and it gives thermal comfort due to rapid heat transfer and moisture. It does not create perspiration odors and is easy to wash and dry. Characteristically, the Supplex is the favorite of those who look for comfort and quality.

Polyamide Supplex Fabric is the first fabric produced industrially in Brazil for Activewear / sportswear apparel. Developed in the 1930s, its touch is much like cotton, only softer. It is light, dries fast, and is extremely strong. Its composition minimizes perspiration by: 1) rapidly dissipating body heat to the environment (Cooler Feel); and 2) allowing proper airflow to the skin, mitigating perspiration build up (Staying Dry). For these reasons, Polyamide is the most commonly selected material for Activewear / sportswear apparel.

Polyester Supplex Fabric is a little less soft than polyamide, dries faster, difficult to shrink, and remains without major creasing (wrinkle free). Polyester is a newer technology than polyamide, developed in the 1950's. Polyester retains a bit more sweat than polyamide, but is considered ideal for use during physical activities. Its wide use is attributed to its lower material cost, therefore allowing manufacturers to offer sporting apparel at a competitive price.

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