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About the Owner

Hi Ladies, my name is Leonela Harzewski. I have been an incredibly active person since a very young age. I have been in the gym industry for about 17 years and before that I practiced different sports, including professional Indoor Volleyball. I went from being an athlete up to my teen years to becoming a personal trainer. Currently, I am a wife and a proud mom of two beautiful toddlers. During all these years, I have spent a lot of money in workout clothes and finding a combination of unique styles, quality and comfort has been challenging.

Today, being in comfortable clothes is a must. No matter where - in the gym, at the supermarket, at a coffee shop or at a school drop off, I need to have FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT.

Another very important factor for me in active clothing, is the quality. I got tired of wasting my money with inexpensive gym clothes, just to wear them a few times before having to trash them. I also lost count of how many times while at work, I watched women workout in see through leggings while doing their squats and they didn't even know!

In 2014, I started to bring fitness clothes into the US market that have the three most important factors put together. I started bringing to you what I have found to be the best available in the workout clothing industry. As an active person, a mom that is always on the rush with the kids, with the daily chores and trying to keep up with a workout routine, I must have comfortable and durable fitness wear and that is what I hope to be able to provide to you.

Finally, I started this business with the same purpose I had when I was a personal trainer, to help others. I want to help you improve your gym experience and to be better than you already are. I want you to be comfortable while achieving your goals, either at a gym, at the house or on the go. I want you to be motivated and stay confident. 

Be Strong and be Kind.


Leonela Harzewski